Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WIP: Paint Racks (2) and desktop!

Hi! WIP-time again!

Today I managed to finish (maybe not, not 100% sure yet) the paint racks I began building some time ago.

In the end, I followed my friend's advice (thank you Tomas!) and mixed the paint rack with the devices I was gonna build to hold my brushes and modelling files.

The idea for the brushes and files holders was more or less the same that you can see here, only appart, and with a base.

Part of the design I made for these racks, was the gradient in the paint pot holders, to easier the search of the colours (easier to see the colour names). The other thing I had in mind, was to make the racks able to hide some things, to have some space to keep some tools beneath. Lastly, the other thing I thought was that the rack shouldn't have walls in the sides, to facilite their transport (you can grab the entire rack introducing your hands in the sides of the rack!).

I said I'm not really sure if I've finished my racks or not. That's because I was going to build the same device from the first rack (for the brushes and files) on the second one, but then I realized that 43 spots was enough for both all my brushes and modelling files, and also for some new brushes in the near future. So, I have the last rank of the second rack, ready to get more pot holders. Eight more holders, making a total of 128 paint pots spots (being 16 octets wide sounds better, doesn't it? xD). I don't really know if I should put the additional 8 holders or not. Maybe I can figure out something better in the future. Or read about a better idea to use that space. What do you think, more holders, nothing, something else?

As you can see over there, those are empty paint pots. Yep, I finally bought 120 Plysu paint pots, to transfer all my paint to these marvelous pots. I've explained why these pots are absolutely superior to the GW ones, and better than the empty dropper bottles, a while ago. I managed to buy them in the british store that wouldn't send me the pots to my country, thanks to my Austausch-Schwester Susanne, who bought them in Germany, received them and sent them to me. I was able to make this move also with the help of my friend Claudio, who borrowed me his paypal account in order to pay Susi for the pots and the shipping costs!
Short story, I was finishing working on the racks today, when the mail truck arrived with the package. Another amazing delivery from the Deutsche Post. It took them less than 9 days to deliver my package to me.
Yep, LOTS of empty paint pots and their tops! =3

Finally, another WIP. This would hopefully be my desktop. I sanded the deck today and I plan to vitrify it tomorrow. And that's one of my dogs, a wire-hair-terrier called Hermo, just passing over my work. xD

I still have to get rid of these wood parts nailed underneath the deck.
The legs are already finished, and have 2 coats of polyurethane. I'll finish vitrifying them tomorrow.

Hopefully, I'll be showing the finished desktop soon.

That's for now, please don't forget to tell me what you think about the second paint rack!
See ya!


  1. hahahahaha

    Awesome, as always!

    "como estratega, eres excelente pintor"


  2. WOW, that looks fantastic! I keep meaning to do something like this to replace the cheap plastic drawers I keep my paints in - I keep asking for the CNC Workshop racks for Christmas, but Santa never brings them to me!

  3. thats a sweet rig, again I wish I had something that snazzy

  4. Looks great!
    Aaaah, I should really try to create or buy me something similar; as it is now, I don't have anywhere to place my pots or brushes, so they're either just floating all over my table, or (like now) locked away in a closet...

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. @Topo: wn, falta manuel pa q me webee con eso =(

    @Leadhead: Man!! I did that too! And a lot of years xD Then realized that the CNN racks were too much expensive, regardless of being such awesome pieces!

    @Musings and noeste: guys, you should really try building something like this, or maybe something better, or simplier! I made a thread in Warseer forums, to catch ideas
    Take a look and get some inspiration!
    Maybe you can use your project like I'm doing. The main reason for building both the racks (and the future tools racks I'm going to build) and the desktop, was to stay motivated. I don't have somewhere to have all my stuff, deployed and ready to paint every time. With the desktop and racks, I plan to have my minis over there always, and paint almost every night during studying-breaks. An imposible task if you have your things stored in boxes like I had before =D

  6. AWESOME!! That's really impressive work, Nesbet. It looks like these turned out fabulously. I know how hard it can be to get motivated for painting when all your equipment and paints are stored away and you're always having to put everything away at the end of each painting session. I imagine it will be so much easier for you now that you can have everything organized and ready to go whenever you feel like painting. Great work, man!! I'm going to bookmark your warseer thread so that I can refer back to it in the future. Maybe later in the year I'll get a chance to try building something like this for myself. Thanks for showing how it's done!

    If you haven't already decided what to do with the extra space at the top of the second rack, another idea would be to just leave it empty. You could then use it as a project shelf for things you're either working on or plan on getting to soon. That way not only would you have the paints ready to go but it might also help motivate you since your minis would act as a visual reminder too.

    Cute doggy, too!

  7. wow looks great! Someone has been busy!

  8. @Black Bard: Surely! I must take the most of the summer vacations! During the rest of the year, I can barely spend my time surfing the web (and hopefully, paint every night between studying hours!).

    @PapaJJ: Thanks! I also loved how these turned out! Really! You should really try something like this. In the WS thread, there are lots of examples of other alternatives, that are really simple to build!
    Also, I think that I'll follow your suggestion, at least for now. I haven't thought about having that rank as a shelf for WIPs and/or some display minis! Thanks for the idea!

  9. That looks great... hmmm I should consider upgrading my own facilities!


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