Friday, February 26, 2010

RESOURCE: Paints Equivalence Charts

Now I'm home, and my not-finished chaos warriors are not. So, just to help The Trading Post with an article, I'm going to post these charts. You don't know what TTP is? Go there and join the fun!

These charts will help you if you want to have equivalent (more or less) colours with different brands. Personally, I love having not only Citadel paints, I use aslo the Foundation gamma, some vallejo and a lot of Coat d' Arms pots.
Sometimes it's useful to have a nearly (but not totally) identical colour to make a smooth hightlight, or you can have almost the same discontinued colour you loved, but from another brand. Vampire Red, Regal Blue, Leprous Brown, Tentacle Pink, anyone?

You can search here for the colours you want!

First chart equivalences: Coat d' Arms - Vallejo Model Color - Vallejo Game Color - Citadel

Citadel - Rackham - Reaper - Vallejo Game Color:

A lot more:

That's it! I hope it helps people finding their loved discontinued colours, or just encourages them trying another brands!

See ya!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

WIP: Chaos Warriors with Halberds

Uf! Long time without a new entry. I should learn how to optimize my time in order to paint faster and post faster too. Just a quick update, my nearly finished warriors of chaos unit, with halberds.

That is how they will look like, more or less.

While uploading the pics I painted the final shadows on the metals, a bunch of details, the shields and highlights. The things I still have to paint are some highlights here and there, a wash on the weapons and then basing! But before basing, I will paint the flames! The principal object of this post was to have a record of the flames I sculpted, before painting! How do they look like yet? Soon will come the final pics.

See ya.

PS: Wondering how did I manage to paint all that stuff while uploading? I'm a very slow painter, but the mobile boradband modem I'm using here is way slower than me.
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