Saturday, October 30, 2010

WIP: Chaos Marauders (2)

As I promissed to Rabidchild, here are some pics of my latest bunch of Chaos Marauders. Like him, I really dislike the "vedetto-look" the GW marauders have. Living in the tundra, and wearing no more than leather strips doesn't make any sense to me. This is what I understand when I talk about marauders:

Brutal. Iron skin. Cloaks. Lots of fur. Heavy weapons. 
And bloodthirst!

No matter what, I don't think all this match with these:

That's why I'm making my own marauders, with loads of conversions, bits from other boxes and I'm planning to follow the first concept art picture and I'm going to sculpt cloaks for them, and fur for some shoulders (and adding marauders and CSM shoulder pads for some others).

Please click the fullscreen button, and enjoy :D

Yeah, I know most of you don't care about the GW marauders, most of the people think they are OK. I don't. GW has some wonderful concept art for their marauders, but nowadays they still have those old and shemale-looking marauders on their stores! (homosexuals, no offense!)

For these first 18 marauders I've used bits from:
- Chaos Marauders
- Chaos Warriors
- Beast Herd (the old one, with Ungors and Gors bits)
- Chaos Marauder Horsemen
The legs are the 4 halfs of the torsos from the Chaos warriors, modified, adapted and the mould-casted for this puopose (that's why the white look). The torsos came from the Marauder and Marauder Horsemen sprues; the firsts filled a bit and the horsemen torsos cut from the legs. For the heads I used CW, CM, CMH and converted CW heads. For the arms I used CM, CMH shields, CM, CMH, Ungors and Gors weapons and CMH javelins. The great weapons? They were made using CM and CMH flails, cutting the chains and balls, then adding some CW weapon part (last marauder hammer), parts (8th marauder, with their hammer comming from 2 pieces of the same CW hammer) and the champion's axe from the CMH (5th marauder).

If you look close enough, you'll be able too see that there is NO same head in the unit, also, not the same weapons, or configurations. Talking about configurations, every rank has a marauder with:
- flail
- second hand weapon
- hand weapon and shield
- javelin and hand weapon
- great weapon
- javelin and shield
Yeah, I know, some of this configurations are not legal. What can I say? I don't care! My goal it's to have a nice looking army, not a bunch of tourney-legal-3-colour units xD
Ah! If you keep looking, there is no single configuration that repeats in the same row, neither in the same rank ;)
(there's when my freinds begin calling me "sudoku")
I know the marauders asses look quite funny, that's because I haven't filled them yet, and also the cloak will hide this "disproportion".

I'm thinking about doing 6 or 12 marauders more for this unit. I haven't played a single WHFB game since the 8th edition came out (Real-Life™ sucks!). Lie, almost none, I've played maybe 2 times ¬¬U
So, I don't have any idea if I should make 18, 24 or 30 men units of marauders. Anyways, I'm thinking more about the weapons and heads I'll need to convert, to make more than 6 marauders (not same bit, obviously), than their effect on the game. What do you think? Game-wise, what's better? 15, 18, 20, 21, 24, 28 or 30 marauders unit?

I want to hear your opinion, what dou you think about the GW models, my conversions and sizes for this unit? Let me know your opinion!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

WIP: Chosen Chaos Warriors

Once again, looong time without posting. I think it's not worth to explain why the real life is sometimes such a bitch! It's better to use that time showing you some pics of my recently built Chosen Warriors!

I finally received the 2 boxes I needed for assembling this unit (I already had one); and, a couple of months ago, PapaJJ sent me a box of Chaos Knights with another miniatures. I had no trolls before, neither the Nurgle sorcerer he sent me, but I already had enough knights, still in box. When I first received that box of knights I thought: "FINALLY A BOX OF KNIGHTS, JUST TO USE THEM FOR CONVERSIONS!". That's right, I built my 15 men unit using lots of bits from the Chaos Knights sprues and also some Possessed Space Marines bits!

Enough, too much words, let the pics talk for themselves:
(please click in the fullscreen button!)

It's still a very early WIP, but at least I selected all the bits I wanted and pinned every arm and head, and glued the modified bits. Believe me, that's a hughe step for me; my friends say I "play sudoku" when thinking about building units, because I like them too look very chaotic, but at the same time, martial. The poses can be similar, but I hate to use the same bit twice. When I can't avoid it, I figure it out to use the bit only one time in a rank and also one time only in that column. A litle obsessive, maybe. Chaotic enough, almost never. =P
Also, making all the Chosen fit in that tiny bases, was almost an engineer work. The Chosen are freaking big! And sometimes mine look bigger because of the possitioning of their weapons and shields I gave them. The idea was to achieve a little more movement for such static models. They are big, cool, badass and chaotic, but assembled all with 2HW and in the same position it's kinda... boring!

Ok, that's for now. I hope next time I could post earlier.
What do you think about the conversions? Do the Possessed SM bits and Chaos Knights fit with the Chosen?

And what about the slideshow? It's better for sharing lots of pics, without filling pages and pages with the same images, don't you think? I changed the slideshow service, because of the fullscreen button, I think it's pretty cool and overall, simplier than the previous one used.

Well, see ya next time!
And again, THANK YOU PAPAJJ! That Chaos knights box it's being SO useful! I have lots of projects for all the remaining bits!!
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