Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SHOWCASE: Chaos Death Sorcerer

Hello again.
Time to show some old miniatures!
Seriously, Real Life ™ is messing up with my painting plans, so, I took some pics of my sorcerers and some other miniatures, to show in the meantime.

This guy was my very first chaos sorcerer. I converted him using an old MK figurine, greenstuff for the cloak and hood, changed the staff for a skull that came in the Chaos Warriors box and that's it. Ah, Swapped the head too, for one that also came with the Chaos Warriors box (I think in that time, all I've got was a box of CW a mounted lord and a chariot xD).

The paintjob is pretty... simple? hahaha
This miniature was one of my very first, among with the other sorceres I painted back in those days.

After painting this one, I decided to have a sorcerer for each lore that the sorcerers could get. And a great sorcerer for each too, but I didn't go so far -yet-. Well, I forgot to mention that each would also need an appropiate familiar!
Reaperminis made this fantastic model, and I bought it inmediatly when choosing a familiar for my Death Sorcerer.

Ah! Almost forgot to mention, what do you think about the faded background?
I've tried to improve my photography skills, but it's quite dificult. That's why I experimented with these pics, adding the faded background (it's tedious and boring, but quite easier than taking the pics with a printed faded background, seriously!). I don't know if applying this faded background to every miniature, maybe should I select some other colour? Or another background?

Well, until next time! Await some more sorcerers in the near future!
(and hopefully, more new miniatures too!)

UPDATE: Some testing....


  1. I think that the faded blue background looks great.

  2. Better than the normal white-background pics, aren't they? Or not?

  3. I think the new background looks great, I noticed the difference right away. The other faded color one looks spooky and appropriate for that miniature but I still like the blue one overall. Nice sorcerer, too. How long ago did you paint him?

  4. Don't know for sure, but was when i started with Warhammer... Like... 2005?
    My first purchases were a Chaos Chariot (I thought that was so freaking cool) a Chaos Warriors box (the new ones, from the SoC campaign), a Tzeentch Exalted Hero on Disc, the citadel paints starter set, a strip of GS and some greatplanes glue.

    And I had some lots of MK figures aswell, so I decided to learn how to use GS and how to convert. Experimenting the conversion, sculpture, painting and basing, that's how I ended with this sorcerer, lol.
    The original figure:

  5. That cloak and hood steal the show. They're a beautiful piece of sculpting! They really add to the miniature for the very natural effect and suggestion of strong wind, and would add to any army and tabletop for the same reason.

  6. I like the blue background best. Also the cloak on the sorc looks awesome and makes the model! How well does he fit into a unit with that cloak sticking out?

  7. @Porky: Thanks for the comment! Really appreciate it ;D

    @Black Bard: Thank you! I think I'll stick with the blue fading for now. Regarding the miniature size... it's not THAT big. See the 4th pic, the cloak goes back like 5mm. I kinda make it fit in units, somehow xD


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