Tuesday, January 18, 2011

SHOWCASE: Chaos Shadows Sorcerer

Hi again.
Time to show another oldie. Another sorcerer, this time a shadows sorcerer.

The sorcerer it's produced by Reaper, and the familiar it's another MK figurine. The snake was painted following the scheme of a real venomous snake. Don't remember the name, but back in the day I researched a bit to paint it. xD

Well, I think I may repaint this model. Maybe no entirely, but back in those days, the smaller brush i had was a 00, so the chaotic script looks something... BIG. Who knows, maybe someday I'll repaint it.

By the way, I've finished today my 2 paint racks! Well, almost. I'm thinking about using the upper lane to stock my brushes and files.

See ya soon! Only one more sorcerer to go, then hopefully the racks and then new miniatures!


  1. It's nice seeing your older miniatures, I like 'em a lot. That snake looks real! I'm glad you're going to show off the paint racks when they're done, looking forward to the new minis as well. Take care, Nesbet!

  2. Thank you PapaJJ, I've remembered it now, the snake name is coral snake. Google it and see if it look like my sorcerers one xD

    I think I'll show the racks, repaint the Chaos Fire Sorcerer and then show it =3

  3. The snake is great, and the subdued colours on the sorceror work well too, suggesting an aged and real person. You also did very well to show the texture on the shadow while keeping it black and menacing.

  4. Thank you for your comment Porky! I really appreciate it ;D


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