Tuesday, February 5, 2013

RANDOM MUSINGS: I'm NOT dead! (seriously!!)

With such a long absence, I would not blame any of you for thinking that I no longer exist. Damn, this entry was in my draft box long long enough. First it was titled "Hell! It has been almost a year!". Then more than a year passed by and I couldn't afford to revamp my blog properly. A year and 8 months passed and Real Life ® gave me a break. But let me explain my long-time absence first.

2011 was a very rough year for me.  I was doing the fifth year of my career; the second one of almost-full-time clinical work in the dentistry clinic of the university. Apart from being a life-sucking activity (seriously, I had class from 8 to 9am, then clinical work, almost every day the entire day) I also ended the relationship with the mother of my son. Also, passing all the subjects in the theoretical part was plain difficult and I had to deal with the clinical part too, if you fail one part, you inmediatly fail the other part of the subject too. It was damn difficult, but I managed to be OK with all the subjects, my patientes, my teachers and son on. Or that's what I thought. Right after Christmas, I was informed that my pediatrics-dentistry teacher wasn't going to allow me to pass the subject. You can imagine what a wonderful end of the year I had.

2012 begun as a depressive year. I thought and wanted to continue my career (still had to pass pediatrics-dentistry) in another campus of the same university but in another neighbour town. For monetary reasons, I couldn't afford it, so I had to do that @#$%$#!^# subject again, here. I was going to have plenty of spare time, cause I had only clinical work on Thursdays and 1 hour of class on Fridays. But even with time, I just had no mood to do anything. During March, April and May I was just a mindless-zombie-like-automaton. Until one day I had some serious chat with myself and decided it was just enough shit, so I planned to restart doing physical excercises, restart enjoying my hobby and find a job to have enough money to had some good time with my friends. Just 2 days passed since my change of attitude and my former boss (a dentistry who owns a private clinic where I had worked as assistant before) called me asking if I had time, because he would need another assistant, starting on next Monday. LOL. So I began working again, with 3 dentists, full-time, well-paid and in a nice ambient. I continued with the excercises, work, university (¬¬U) and hanging out with my friends, eventually painting something, and son on.

Today is my second day of vacations. I passed that damned subject in the University. Still have my job. I've spared enough to pay the whole year cost of the schoool for my son (did I mention that education is insanely expensive here in Chile? Like 5K USD a year), also had enough to travel a little, had good times with my fellas, buy a lot of plasticrack (yaaaay!) and so on.

Well, as I said, I'M NOT DEAD! I was just freaking busy with Real Life ® messing with me. I seriously appreciate all of you that still follow my little blog, and also thanks to all the ones who began following, even with me absent. I couldn't even make some time to say "yay" when the bog passed the 100 followers. Anyways, thank you a lot! Right now I'm back, and not only because of vacations! This year I must end my career and to do so, I must do a internship in a rural location. I'll have to work just until 5 or so, in some little and rural town, with not much to do! So, I'll have plenty of time to paint, blog, scratchbuild and all other crazy ideas I have right now. You'll be reading from me soon! :D 

It´s just so nice to be like this right now...

And, apologies for such a long wall of text. I'll show you some WIP and pics of some of the projects I have right now going on!

I even managed to buy this beauty!

Converted Chaos Marauders and Chaos Chosen.

See ya!

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  1. Welcome back to the online world. Glad everything seems to be working out ok for you. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.



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