Saturday, April 16, 2011

HOBBY TIP: Cleaning your files

Hi again ladies and gentlemen (is there any lady btw? xD)

Today, a quick hobby tip. How to clean your files (without screwing them up!).

I found this method in a blog wichs name I didn't save. Sorry!

Everyone knows that needle files don’t work very well when they are dirty and caked with debris. If you didn't know, you should! To clean your files, use a small clean jar of choice. All you need to do is fill the jar with lacquer thiner and put your needle files in there!

For the ones who don't know, the lacquer thiner is a mixture of solvents, used to dilute, dissolve and clean up of lacquer products. Typically too caustic for oil paints, lacquer thinner is often used additionally for removing inks on metal, and adhesive residue from a variety of surfaces. Lacquer thinner is very  strong and rapidly deteriorates many surfaces and fabrics

Just put your clogged needle filesinto the thinner and close the lid to avoid the fumes. Just be cautious not to submerge the rubber handles of the files. Wait for an hour, remove the file and clean it off with an old thooth brush. Then, your files will be as good as new!

The lacquer thinner can be found on most of your favourite art supplies stores, and also in any hardware store.Whoever sells paints could sell lacquer thinner, among other solvents and thinners!

Well, that's for now, I hope this little tip can help you a bit ;)
Now, back to Real Life -.-

See ya soon!

PS: I've said NEEDLE FILES! Not diamond files. Be aware, some chemicals can screw your diamond file, eating the glue that attachs the diamond particles to the file!


  1. That's an interesting method. I usually use a brush to clean out all the accumulated particles. Any suggestions for alternatives that use less harsh chemicals?

  2. Isopropylic alcoho. Wait a bit longer and use a toothbrush. Will not be as effective as lacquer thinner, but the alcohol does less harsh ;D

  3. Thanks. Great tip there. The brush by itself just never quite gets all the gunk out of my files.

  4. I posted a little while ago about file brushes:

    I'm not sure this technique would clean metal shavings from files.. I think the idea here is that the thinner melts the plastic and paint, dissolving it from your file.

  5. @Chaosheade and PapaJJ: Glad to know it was useful for you ;D

    @Dave: No idea man! I think it could, as the liquid will saturate the imbrications of the file, but as I said, I only think that, because I don't use metallic files with metal parts. Only diamond files with metallic files, and metallic files for plastic =D

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  9. This blog is great, and is poorer for lacking an update. Please continue your great work!

  10. Thank you for your comment Anon. I'm willing to continue blogging, but real life is just fucking everything up =S

    I'll try to update this week (1 week vacation on the university, wohoooo!) and hopefully once a month.

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