Wednesday, December 23, 2015

RANDOM MUSINGS: Time to resurrect

Hello again! It's been a while!
Well, another time, a loooong while. This is another attempt to update my blog, to honour all of the followers that one day decided to follow it.

I think it's time to update my profile too! Nowadays I'm more a model-gluer/player than a painter (sadly), a full-time dentist, father of a 7yo lovely son, missing WHFB (f*ck you AoS!), who still likes Chaos Warriors & stuff and also Robotech RPG Tactics, who will "try" to post here more often!

Yup. With the death of WHFB I'm still crying. Almost for a half year at the moment. But, they say one death's another birth. So I started playing Robotech RPG Tactics! (and I'm still waiting for the full development of 9th Age, Warhammer Reforged or another good WHFB alternative).

I left quite a bunch of unfinished WHFB projects uncompleted and changed the focus on these beauties:

At the moment, that's more or less where I am with RTRT. I have assembled some more miniatures and primed almost every assembled model.

Zentraedi Telnesta-Regult, one of my options for support artillery pods.

Zentraedi Gluuhaug Regult, the light artillery pods.

Size comparison between a Regult and a VF-1A Valkyrie from the UEDF army.

And my take of the Zentraedi Glaug, crushing a Valkyrie.

These UEDF mechas are not mine, but from some friends who also started playing RTRT this year.
A Valkyrie in battleloid mode and 2 Spartans. 

3 Valkyiries in fighter mode and one in guardian mode. Notice the semi-translucent flying stands. 
I tried to clone the original flying stands for a friend, who wanted his minis to be higher (because the stands that come with UEDF models are too short).

Then I came with this alternative for flying stands. 100% translucent, courtesy of Plastruct!

Bless you Plastruct. They have these rods even in different diameters.

I even managed to get some scenery done for my wargames 

This pylon was manufactured by 4Ground Scenery. Such a good product. I'll try do do a proper review later. 

 These hills are from Amera Plastic Mouldings. Also great products and a good value for the money.


And this year I hardly managed to play RTRT several times, but so many as I would like to :(

And finally, to end this resurrection post, let me show my colour scheme for my Zentraedi army:

...and some pics of my friends UEDF mechas:

I hope to be writing soon!


  1. Have you actually tried playing a game of AoS? Because it is actually pretty good. It definitely needs a comp pack, like PCK, clash comp or one of the many others but it is actually a good game

  2. No. I have not. So I can't say it's actually a good game or not, but I don't care. Why should I add a comp pack or other modifications to the ruleset in order to play? Is a good game with the modifications but not as good without them? Why should I invest more time trying to fix something that should NOT be broken? We invest just more than enough time caring for assembling our models, caring about them, painting, converting, basing and so on. And have to ADD rules to the rules themselves and AGREE with every other player before playing is the main reason to say goodbye to GW and AoS as a whole. I don't want to play AoS, regarding of being a good game (or not), it is NOT the game I want, where armies collide and clash in battle. For skirmish, there are dozens of other (better) options, IMHO.

  3. Alright fella didn't mean to upset you, just wanted to try and give you options for your warhammer models. The way I see it, its like one of my all time favourite computer games, mount and blade warband. An average to poor medieval sandbox game, but with mods, quite possibly the best game I have played, I have put well over 500 hours into it, more than anything I had played before. Like the AoS rules they are minimal but with a little community effort it becomes an awesome game. I was only suggesting there was little need to get so aggressive with the CAPS LOCK :P About spending time on the models assembling and painting them, that's work that you put in that you enjoy, much in the same way I see working out rules to make the game more fun and viable a little work goes a long way, and if you have already started working out values etc, it can lead to incorporating your own models, if like myself you enjoy converting and sculpting.

    Anyway hope you enjoy your future wargaming endeavours, I was just trying to show that AoS isn't all doom and gloom, stay salty.

  4. Sorry dude! Didn't mean any harm. REALLY :P
    It's just that injury is still bleeding. A lot. And it hurts :(
    I miss WHFB.


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