Friday, March 4, 2011

TUTORIAL: Miniature Photography, part 3

Let's go with the final part of this tutorial! (at least for now, maybe someday I'll post something else about this xD)

Now it's time to talk about photo edition. Let's learn some basics about photoshop, to be able to slightly retouch something like the previous pic of my Chaos Lord with additional hand weapon...

...and finish having something like this:

Well, I tried doing a video of my desktop to explain this, but it was too heavy (60Mb) and it doesn't look good enough pasted in the blog. So, I made a slideshow instead! 
As usual, bring the popcorn, take a seat, click the fullscreen button and enjoy.

OK, this is the end of this long tutorial!
I hope you find it helpful and specially I hope you can improve your photography skills a little. Maybe it's a little boring, and too much information, but look, this were my pics:

And nowadays, they look like this:

Tell me. Isn't it worth such little effort? =D

Well, see ya soon, hope you like the final part of my tutorial!
As always, comments and critics are welcomed! If you have any question, please tell me! I'll be glad trying to help you! ;D


  1. Great Tutorial as always :)

  2. Wow!

    I love this, your whole guide has been opening my eyes - it's brilliant to see what i've been missing by doin' it 'rong.

    One minor tiny comment - Degrade tool is Gradient Tool :) Just in case there is any confusion!

    Keep up the fantastic blogging,


  3. @Kirgan: Thanks mate ;D

    @The Pilch: Thanks! I couldn't figure it out how to call that in english. Sadly my PS version stands in spanish and couldn't find the correct name for that tool xD Thanks for the correction!
    BTW, I'm still waiting for some blog action! =D

  4. This has been a very useful and insightful series. Thank you for spending the time to show us how its done!

  5. Flu making brain not focus right now, but hope to come back to this series in better days!

  6. Agree with the other lads mate - really great series of articles.

    Thanks again for taking the time to put them together and share them with the community.

    Cheers mate,


  7. Thanks to all of you guys! Glad you liked them! ;D

    Hope to see some (more!) improvements in the blogosphere!


  8. This was a really helpful series and quite timely too. Wow, great stuff Nesbet, thanks!

  9. You're welcome Papa JJ, glad to help ;D


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