Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SHOWCASE: Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Demonic Mount

Showcase time again!
Stealing some time from periodontology study-hours to post this! hohohoho

Well, continuing with the insane amount of sorcerers I own, this time I'll show another oldie. I think this was the second mounted sorcerer I built. I converted it using a Storm Steed, from Reaper Miniatures and that old chaos sorcerer that GW still sells nowadays. Just changed the horns of that big skull and added some more ropes and skulls, and some rags to the staff.

I converted the mount just slightly. I repositioned the wings to let the sorcerer to seat (xD), added some fur on the armpits of the mount and played with some GS to make the whole miniature stand higher.

Well, that's for now. I hope you liked this old miniature. Unfortunately, no more time to write about it, Real Life don't forgive neither forgets if I don't study xD

Next time I'll start showing some mounted lords, to change subject; maybe it were just too much sorcerers for now!
Or maybe I'll show some WIP of the dwarves heroes I'll be working in the next weeks. New commision works, yaaay! =D

See you next time! As always, comments, critics and questions are welcomed ;D


  1. I like the model very much over-all. You even made that hideous chaos sorcerer look decent. I wish there was a better model out there that you could have used though...
    Whats next to be painted?

  2. Thanks BB!
    I think that was the best way i could use that hideous sorcerer (xD) and make it look nice. After all, the steed is just SO cool! =D
    Next, I hope, marauders! Lots of them.
    I have a 30-man unit ready, waiting for Chaos Black to arrive and begin primming xD


  3. what about my bloody dwarves oscar!

    im gonna have your head!!!

    more WIP less talking <3



  4. You want me to paint them bloody? NOT A PROBLEM!!!


    Seriously now, still waiting for the latest bunchs of paints to arrive. No chaos black to prime ATM. And Real Life having me from my balls right now =(

  5. Very nice I like the improved photography. It really showcases the miniatures perfectly.

  6. Thanks phill! And what about you? When are you going to build a ligthbox? Well, maybe its better you don't; your weatherings and such effects would be too good to be shown that way!! xD

    Cheers! ;D


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