Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SHOWCASE: Chaos Mounted Sorcerer Lord

Hello again!
No more tutorials now xD (at least, in the near future =P ). Today I'll show you one of the last minis I painted, the limited edition of a chaos sorceror mounted on chaos steed. I had some kind of bad memories about this miniature, because I bought it in ebay, while it was really a limited edition model, and costed quite a lot. And... before I received it, GW decided to sell it just as a normal direct-only model -.-

Well, enough blah blah, now, my Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Chaos Steed!

And this is the pic I sent to a local painting contest.
(EDIT: that I recently won xD This miniature can be seen the whole month in the home page of our local wargammes forum!)

And here some details shots of the unfinished minis, showing the sculpted flames and fixed sleeve. I sculpted that last one because it looked strange for me, like a tube, without border xD

And some closeups to the finished miniature.
I painted the blue fire, after the suggestion of my friend Topo, who remembered me that the oxygen produces some blue/white fire when oxygen gets burned. Green fire was also an alternative, don't remember wich element burned green, but the idea smelled too much to skaven in my mind, so blue was the choice.

This was my first attempt at freehand painting. Not as difficult as I thought it would be. it's not an awesome freehand, but it's ok.
The tentacle scheme was another suggestion of my friend, Thomas said "green! nor, pink! No, better you take a look at real and poisonus octopus!!" So, I searched and found this fella. Replicating octopus colour schemes, what a nice idea Tomas, thank you very much!!

And the base! How much I love to base models! hahaha

Well, hope you liked this mini.
I'll be posting another painted miniatures in the near future, so stay tunned!
See ya soon!


  1. Wow! Just...wow! For a first time freehand it looks AMAZING! I have this model too - he's my general :)I love the blending/shading layers on the cape and horse too, really good!

    It's easy to see how much you love basing :) I'll have a search through your blog to see if i can't find a basing tutorial ^.^ heh.

    Is that a necron head painted as a skull?


  2. Thanks for your comment buddy ;D

    Regarding your question... That skull came attached, as part of the base from the model. It's a part from the rocks under the horses hooves. I noticed that the Limited Edition version is slightly different from the collectors model that nowadays GW sells trough its online store.

    Please take a look here:

    If you see with attention, you can see that the tentacles from the head of the horse, go far beyond the horns from the sorcerer. And, that there is a skull, behind the rear right hoof. And notice the talisman in the sorcerers neck and the rocks from the base. Now, take a look at the model from the GW store:

    The tentacles are not as long as the ones from the LE version, and the skull is not behind the rear hoof, it's now located behind the right front hoof. No talisman in this version. Different (and better looking, BTW) rocks here.

    Well, at least I feel I didn't spend such amount of money for nothing =D

  3. Beautiful work just love the shading and highlighting on the model. And the detailing on the base with the different types of flock looks great

  4. Thank you for your comment John! =)

  5. Very nice. I wouldn't have thought that the red and purple would look so good together. Love the horse's draping, very well done.

  6. @sonsoftaurus: hahaha, thanks James!
    Purple is one of the tones I didn't use so often, and red also is one (for big things at least), so after talking with Tomas that it would be a good idea, the decision was made.
    Thank you for your comment ;D

  7. Awesome job mate - the purple is REALLY good and I like your free hand on the cloak.

    Fantastic job and congrats on the well deserved win

  8. Thanks Rogue Pom, I appreciatte you comment ;D
    Glad you liked the freehand!

  9. that looks fantastic,im new to painting but guys like yourself give a great bench mark.look forward to more greats and hopefully my painting will improve.

  10. Thanks Unknown (xD), I appreciatte your words, specially after such a lack of update =/


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