Tuesday, October 19, 2010

WIP: Chosen Chaos Warriors

Once again, looong time without posting. I think it's not worth to explain why the real life is sometimes such a bitch! It's better to use that time showing you some pics of my recently built Chosen Warriors!

I finally received the 2 boxes I needed for assembling this unit (I already had one); and, a couple of months ago, PapaJJ sent me a box of Chaos Knights with another miniatures. I had no trolls before, neither the Nurgle sorcerer he sent me, but I already had enough knights, still in box. When I first received that box of knights I thought: "FINALLY A BOX OF KNIGHTS, JUST TO USE THEM FOR CONVERSIONS!". That's right, I built my 15 men unit using lots of bits from the Chaos Knights sprues and also some Possessed Space Marines bits!

Enough, too much words, let the pics talk for themselves:
(please click in the fullscreen button!)

It's still a very early WIP, but at least I selected all the bits I wanted and pinned every arm and head, and glued the modified bits. Believe me, that's a hughe step for me; my friends say I "play sudoku" when thinking about building units, because I like them too look very chaotic, but at the same time, martial. The poses can be similar, but I hate to use the same bit twice. When I can't avoid it, I figure it out to use the bit only one time in a rank and also one time only in that column. A litle obsessive, maybe. Chaotic enough, almost never. =P
Also, making all the Chosen fit in that tiny bases, was almost an engineer work. The Chosen are freaking big! And sometimes mine look bigger because of the possitioning of their weapons and shields I gave them. The idea was to achieve a little more movement for such static models. They are big, cool, badass and chaotic, but assembled all with 2HW and in the same position it's kinda... boring!

Ok, that's for now. I hope next time I could post earlier.
What do you think about the conversions? Do the Possessed SM bits and Chaos Knights fit with the Chosen?

And what about the slideshow? It's better for sharing lots of pics, without filling pages and pages with the same images, don't you think? I changed the slideshow service, because of the fullscreen button, I think it's pretty cool and overall, simplier than the previous one used.

Well, see ya next time!
And again, THANK YOU PAPAJJ! That Chaos knights box it's being SO useful! I have lots of projects for all the remaining bits!!


  1. Right on, Nesbet! Those Chosen look great with the bits from the Chaos Knights and the Possessed. I'm really impressed with the amount of variety you were able to build into the unit, as well as your ability to get them to rank up properly. I'm really happy to see such a creative use for those minis, fantastic work!

    The slide show is also a very nice feature and the fullscreen view is really helpful. I like it a lot, that looks like a great way to feature lots of pictures in a single post. Is it a standard option with these blog or is it exclusive to Flickr? Sorry if that's a dumb question, I feel lucky to have figured out the little bit of blogging/technical knowhow that I have as it is.

  2. Variety, that's the word. Chaotic I say, but the thing it's to achieve variety using same bits and sprues. I even make my own parts clipping, cutting filling and gluing some bits to make new ones. This is one of the most interesting part of our hobby, IMHO.

    For the slideshow feature, it's hmtl writing. No, I don't have almost any idea how to write in html, BUT you can copy paste some codes over the internet and make such things!
    I searched for "picture slideshow" -or something similar, can't quite remeber now- on google, then typed the things needed (flickr, picasa or photobucket userID, tags and/or albums) and the site gave me a code to copy. The thing is I haven't bookmarked that site. Damn.

    Anyways, Yesterday I found that flickr is now officially supporting embedding.
    You simply select the album or lot of pics you want, then click SHOW and then SHARE. Copy the html code, paste it in the html editing mode while posting and voilà!

    Picasa, Photobucket, Tinypic, almost every site have their own ways to do the same. It's basically, the same xD They are even some sites that create the codes for different hosting sites.
    Take a look here :

    Hope it helps (e-mail me if you want to ask further!)

    And thanks for the comment!

    PS: Have you noticed my favicon? Another html code magic! :3

  3. Like always, a full maskón.
    Good minis. Now finish the work and paint them!

    And try not to lose so badly the next time
    we met on the battlefield again ;)

  4. Love then, especially the Possessed head up front. Quick question: in the chosen box are the two handed axe arms separate from the body or are they all one piece? I was thinking of picking up a box of these guys for my Word Bearers but the arm thing would be important to my plans.

  5. Thank you Rich, I appreciate your comment ;D

    About the chosen arms... The 2HW come only with the hands attached to the weapon.
    Take a further look at the pic number 0457 and try to catch the hob-e-tac that attachs the weapon to the arms of the chosen.
    (fullscreen mode, show information button for knowing the pics names xD)
    Also take a look at the 0473 and notice the plastic and metallic parts. There you'll be able to get where do the 2HW begin and end. ;D

    Anyways, the hands are nothing that a dremel or a diamond file can't get off! Or a metallic file, but with a lot a time and effort xD

  6. PERFECT! I was hoping you would say that because I'll probably use both body and weapons but just in different places. Now i think it's a sure thing that I'm going to pick up a box of these eventually.


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