Monday, September 27, 2010

GD UK 2010 - Warhammer Forge picture report!

Woa! Long time without posting (again).

I was preparing a short post explaining how to make your own wet palette for less than 5USD, then I saw that the GD UK was today! I was so excited looking to the pics of the Warhammer Forge miniatures that are coming, that I couldn't believed no one else hasn't make a pic report about it yet! So, I searched the best pics and made a slideshow! I will not cover the 4WH40K releases; I enjoyed looking the new DE, but there are a lot of blogs and sites where you can watch those news.

I must say I just loved that Chaos Ogre. And also the Chaos Dwarfs Machines. It's a shame that Warhammer Forge will begin focusing in Nurgle. I would like it to be chaos undivided first, but hell, 4 books, minis, 4 IA-like narrative campaigns dedicated for chaos it's more than excellent enough!! I find pretty cool to have great campaign/background book (series of books) with minis to match; they will be resin casted, just as FW ones. Mark Bedford amd Rick Priestly have a lot to do with this huge project.

The first book will be called Thamurkhan: Throne of Chaos and will tell the incursions of Thamurkhan, a Nurgle-devoted champion. Initially this guy who spreads west through the lands of the Chaos Dwarves and the Ogre Kingdoms. Finally pitching up in the Empire. This is not written as an unbroken narrative but rather as a selection of scenes or encounters, parts of the story which give the background for the battles. Spread over more than 40 chapters he will follow the fortunes of the key characters. He follows the fortunes of TamurKhan for a bit then leaves him hanging whilst following the fortunes of one of his lieutenants for example or spotlighting events elsewhere in the warhammer world which have a bearing on the tale, before returning to the main characters again. All sumptiously illustrated with fine artworks and wonderful maps showing the routes followed by the main protagonists so we can place the events in the warhammer world as the story unfolds.

My understanding is that the first book features the expansion of Nurgle into the West. This will be followed by the expansion of Tzeentch into the south, Slaanesh into the East and Khorne into the North. I think we can only begin to imagine what happens when all four points of the Chaos star are in place. Hopefully, something better than the Storm of Chaos. (LOL)

Nurgle only gets all the love initially ... with the first book.
They get something similar to an IA book but a series of books are planned. All centered around Chaos. *INSERT "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY" SOUND HERE*
The first book will be released in about six months time and then I guess the rest over the coming few years (much like they have rolled out the AI books).

Well, quite enough excitement for today. That's quite a summary from all the info over the Bols Lounge, Warseer forums and some blogs. I've selected the best pics I could find, to represent this colossal expansion of my hobby. What do you think about the Warhammer Forge? About it's project? What about the new minis?
From my part, I will begin sparing some money in order to not be forced to sell one of my kidneys, a part of my liver or both of my corneas to get some of these models. For now, I'm just drooling with that Chaos Ogre and thinking about the other that will be released (at least 2 differents more) and probably in the future, some Dragon Ogres. Damn!! This whole thing it's almost too cool to live with! xD

See ya!


  1. I think it is a great thing. Too long 40k has had the lions share of all the really cool looking highly detailed minis from FW. Fantasy has let out in the coal shed, but now they get their own department.

    I am not sure on their choice of armies for the first book. Chaos Dwarfs is interesting but using chaos is boring. I would have liked to seen them start with am Empire one - being as they are the 'good guys'. That said, I hope they do like the FW stuff and go over some famous battles from the warhammer world - I'd love to have a book all about the War of the Beard or Blackfire Pass or the Fall of Karak Eight Peaks. :D

  2. chaos boring? cm'on!!! :P
    I think, begining with Nurgle it's boring. lol
    Too much pustules, pimples and smallpox-affected skin sculpting in FW nowadays, but's OK, I'll wait patinetly for the undivided part =D

    In the other hand, I really hope that the empire stuff get released, soon. It would be a shame if all the shown stuff din't make the cut.


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