Thursday, August 19, 2010


Uf! Long time without posting!
Short story: as you should know, I won in the contest that the nice PapaJJ held in diceRolla, with the help of another nice man who runs Sons of  Taurus. I've already received my prize, but I also won a SUPER BLOG CHAIN GIVE AWAY, held by Mattarias at Ex Incendia et Flamma. Before knowing I will won the SBCGA, I was planning to do my own to give someone some gifts, in order to celebrate the prize I won at at diceRolla. The thing is, now I have at least 2 give-aways planned and this will be the first.

You don't know what is the super blog chain giveaway?
Shortly, it's like a contest, where the host gives away some prize and the winner then makes another give-away and so on. This cool idea has begun by Jhon at Santa Cruz Warhammer and then it has spread in the entire world.

Now, it's my turn to give something away for one blogger.
What will be this time?

As you see, the prize will be a hobby tools set, consisting in:
- Hobby knife + 3 blades
- Set of 4 diferent tweezers
- Set of 6 metal files
- Set of 5 diamond files
To begin I've thought, something for beginners (or maybe for some of you how don't have these tools), because I would have loved to receive any of these when I was starting playing WHFB and preparing my first miniatures. Nowadays I use such tools every time I work with my miniatures, but in those years the only things I had were the minis, glue and a brush with 9 paints. That's why I've choosed to give away these tools, to help someone to begin with the hobby, or give someone some tools he/she don't own yet.

Are you wondering, what to do to win these stuff? The rules:
1. You must have a blog.
2. You must have something worthwhile to offer up to give away for free.
3. If you win, you must hold your own blogsite give away
4. You must contact Santa Cruz Warhammer with a link to your give away so they can send bloggers to your site.
5. You may only enter once per give away.
To enter you must:
- Being a follower of Nesbet Miniatures.
- Leave a comment here, with your blog name and url, before the deadline: 9th September
- Tell me what are you going to give away if you win.

The winner will be choosed at random , but I'll give more chances to the ones who offer better prizes for their own give-away. The winner will be anounced the 09-11-10.

That's it. Now, who wants free stuff?

PS: I've planned to give more things away, but the mail service of my country didn't allow me to post lots of things they consider "dangerous". What's SO dangerous in a bottle of cyanoacrilate-glue? Don't know, but I'll think in more things I can add to the prize in the weeks before the deadline! Stay tunned!

PS2: Are you wondering where I'm from? Shipping costs? Doesn't matter! I'll pay the shipping, regardless where the winner is from!


  1. Did anyone enter this? If not I would love to win this prize. My blog is
    and I have a converted guard tank and a load of other guard goodies to give away.

  2. I'm sorry, nobody won this contest. No even my friends, from my own city had psoted here to participate before deadline. I'll try again some time in the (hopefully, near) future.

    If you have something to give away, follow the links from SCW and try to win, or simple start a contest and inform in SCW and other blogs to catch atention.

    See ya next time!

  3. Sorry to see nobody won this prize, it's funny how such cool stuff sometimes just gets missed. I don't know why else you wouldn't have any takers because that's an awesome set of tools for you to offer up. I think it's great, however, that you still want to do more giveaway contests. I like seeing this type of support for each other and a real sense community spirit develop... great attitude, Nesbet!


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