Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Yay! For the first time (not 100% true, but almost) I won a contest!
I haven't even won the bingo from the long-bus-trips that were made when I was a child, where EVERYONE got at least a free ticket or a mug.

It was so cool to see this package coming last Wednesday!

I think you don't know, but the good fella from diceRolla had a contest to win tons of chaos warriors miniatures. I wasn't lucky enough to enter the contest before the deadline, and just knew that when the winner was announced. I just said "bad luck" and congratulations for the winners. Winners, that's it, lots of them, because the good-hearted Jason not only give away hundreds of chaos warriors to the winner, he also make everyone who participated win some stuff, depending on the army or game they played! Yes, unbelievable or not, some nice guys still do exist!

Ok, but, what did the pic over there and the story have to do with me? The winner (of the first prize) was another very nice person, who runs another blog I follow: Sons of taurus. He was lucky enough to win the big prize. The thing is, when I replyed Jason in diceRolla, he answered me that James (from Sons of Taurus) already had contacted him to give me a part of HIS prize!!

I was really amazed for such nice gestures of kindness. First PapaJJ then Jim... Wow!!
Now, what did I win?

- Chaos Knight box
- Chaos Trolls x 3
- Nurgle Sorcerer
- Chaos Sorcerer

Just to make sure you understand how magnanimous and nice some people are, PapaJJ don't ever let me pay the shipping costs!

I'm sorry I couldn't post earlier, but I got the package just before I left town to travel to Santiago. I attended a dentistry convention there, to present a poster:

Now I've already planned my give-away. I just need to make the pics in order to post the info. So, stay tunned if you want to grab some free stuff!! Of course I'll pay the shipping costs, it's the least I can do after being gifted by such awesome persons like PapaJJ and Jim!

See ya next time!

PS: Before that, I need to thank Abhorash and the other guys from Santiago, who offered me nice games and hospitality. Waiting for the pics to post!


  1. Thank you for such kindness, this has been a great experience and I'm really glad to have gotten the chance to know you and the other guys a little better through the contest. Thanks to Jim for being so generous as well. Hopefully this might bring about some healing over those bingo losses, too... ; ) Congrats on the poster presentation at the convention and best of luck to you with your planned give-away. Cheers!

  2. That is great stuff dude. Glad to see another got their stuff in ample time, that is quite the haul. Congrats and again well done to PapaJJ for being such a great sport.


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