Friday, February 26, 2010

RESOURCE: Paints Equivalence Charts

Now I'm home, and my not-finished chaos warriors are not. So, just to help The Trading Post with an article, I'm going to post these charts. You don't know what TTP is? Go there and join the fun!

These charts will help you if you want to have equivalent (more or less) colours with different brands. Personally, I love having not only Citadel paints, I use aslo the Foundation gamma, some vallejo and a lot of Coat d' Arms pots.
Sometimes it's useful to have a nearly (but not totally) identical colour to make a smooth hightlight, or you can have almost the same discontinued colour you loved, but from another brand. Vampire Red, Regal Blue, Leprous Brown, Tentacle Pink, anyone?

You can search here for the colours you want!

First chart equivalences: Coat d' Arms - Vallejo Model Color - Vallejo Game Color - Citadel

Citadel - Rackham - Reaper - Vallejo Game Color:

A lot more:

That's it! I hope it helps people finding their loved discontinued colours, or just encourages them trying another brands!

See ya!


  1. That's a great post dude! Very handy. And thanks for the plug. -__^ Every little helps. =D

  2. Very handy. Do you have the original spreadsheet though? (rather than the images here)

  3. Sorry man! I haven't got them.

  4. Hey Nesbet...I made a pdf from your images...I'll happily email it to you if you want and then you can include i as a downloadable file?


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