Thursday, February 25, 2010

WIP: Chaos Warriors with Halberds

Uf! Long time without a new entry. I should learn how to optimize my time in order to paint faster and post faster too. Just a quick update, my nearly finished warriors of chaos unit, with halberds.

That is how they will look like, more or less.

While uploading the pics I painted the final shadows on the metals, a bunch of details, the shields and highlights. The things I still have to paint are some highlights here and there, a wash on the weapons and then basing! But before basing, I will paint the flames! The principal object of this post was to have a record of the flames I sculpted, before painting! How do they look like yet? Soon will come the final pics.

See ya.

PS: Wondering how did I manage to paint all that stuff while uploading? I'm a very slow painter, but the mobile boradband modem I'm using here is way slower than me.


  1. That's a great-looking unit you've made yourself there!
    Very nice choice of colours, and the use of those Chaos Knight lances for halberds worked out great!

    I think the flames you've sculpted look great, and I hope to see them with some colour on soon. I couldn't help but notice that two of the warriors in the front rank are missing their halberds, I guess they'll get a banner and a musical instrument? I hope so, always loved banners, and I'm sure you'll make a spectacular one for this great unit!

  2. That's right noeste, the one from the left will be the musician, and the one in the right will be the SB.

    You'll be also surprised with the shields from the front rank :P Wait and you'll see ;D

    Thank you for the comment.

  3. I'll be waiting in anticipation then!

    Oh, and as a little heads up, we're trying to make a blog hub for Fantasy players and painters over at

    I just thought I'd invite you to sign up as a follower and join the fun. You'll be able to promote your blog to a wider audience, share tips and thoughts in tutorials and to browse the content of other fantasy blogs yourself.

    In the meantime, hope your Warriors will progress nicely, and that I can look forward to an update soon!

  4. Thank you noeste. I'm already following it, and I've joined it too ;D


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