Saturday, May 15, 2010

WIP: Chaos Marauders

Whoa!! 2 months without posting :S
I should really make more time in order to post regularly. But Real Life™ sucks. It really "drains" life sometimes.

Now I'll show you, some prototypes of my Chaos Marauders-to-be. Those were made with hobby-tac just to take some pics. Crappy pics by the way, but I forgot my cam and took these with a cellphone.

The legs are from chaos warriors, converted to fit the marauder torso bit, also converted. The legs were cloned in polyurethane resin. I'll be using chaos marauders, chaos beastmen and chaos marauder horsemen bits for the arms, shields and other bits also. I'm thinking about sculpting cloaks to all of them. Will look pretty cool, but it's a lot of effort and I would spend lots of time. I haven't post for more than 2 months; will I be able to sculpt 60+ cloaks? I'll definitively think abou it.

Now, the important part: the pics!

Well, that's for now...

I'm also preparing a tutorial, about painting fire (physical fire, not plane flames!). But first I'll post some pics of my last chaos warriors unit I finished over 2 months ago.

See ya!


  1. What's wrong with his legs? I can't see, the pics are too blurry.

  2. Yup, pics taken with an old cell-phone.

    The legs are resin-casted copies from converted-chaos warrior legs.

    I hope soon I'll be able to show more and better pictures.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing these finished up!

  4. Thank you Rabidchild! I've already assembled 18 marauders =P

    I hope, soon I'll post a WIP pic of the complete unit ;D

    Thanks for your interest!


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