Saturday, February 19, 2011

SHOWCASE: Friday Gaming Night!

Hi again!
Couldn't post earlier. Have been working (real work, you know) and have done tinny advances with my miniatures and projects. I could only manage to finish my 2 Chaos Chariots (yaaaaaaaaay! I began those like a year ago xD) and bought the materials for 2 differents projects I want to build in the remaining days of summer. Ah! And I began painting another Chaos Sorcerer, this time, mounted!

In the meantime, let me show you these pics, from last Friday. I titled the post SHOWCASE, because of the scenery that is shown in the slideshow. All these beautiful pieces were made by my friend Fingo, who designed and converted every single one, from scratch. Sometimes using cardboard, PVA, sand, toilet paper, untangled rope and RTV ceramic. As I said, I think these pieces are beautiful!

Now, click play and the fullscreen button!


The match was between Lemon's dwarves and Jose's High Elves. Of course I didn't make it to arrive in time, so I spent from 6pm pouring the remaining colours into the new pots, while Fingo assembled some skavens and made some custom rules for the central terrain (those creepy catacombs-like-things in the middle of the board). My friends watched the WH40K movie while I haven't arrived yet, resisted a 5° tremor (hell yeah, another one) in Lemon's appartment (6th floor xD) and then we began playing and having a great time.

Well, I'll make the pics of some minis next week, so, stay tunned!

See ya!

EDIT: Now, Fingo has his own blog!
Check it out, HERE to see lots of pics, and explanations on how he models those scenery pieces!!

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