Wednesday, February 23, 2011

SHOWCASE: Chaos Chariots

Well! Finally I managed to make some pics of the chariots I finished painting last week. I changed my painting night for a picture/photoshop/uploading/posting night xD
I feel pretty happy to show these, because I painted both model, in the course of A COMPLETE YEAR! :S
Every time I intended to paint the chariots, something happened and couldn't do it. Really strange and akward things, work to do, subjects to study, tests, exams, patients, blah blah blah...

But now, I finally can say that my 2 Chaos Chariots are ready, converted, bit-swapped, fully painted and based, and ready for battle!

Let's begin with the first one.

As you can see, the only parts from the original chariot used were the chariot itself, and the base. I changed the horses for Chaos Steeds and the crew for Chaos Warriors. Used the whip arm to convert the Chaos Warrior, and the lance to make a flaming halberd for the second Chaos Warrior. I sculpted the flames on the halberd, and also in the spearhead from the chariot. Let's see some details!

Now, the second chariot. Of course I didn't use not a single piece that I've used in the previous chariot, being the whip arm the only exception. And well, I bended it to look different =3

With both miniatures I used a different technique for the long grass. Maybe you can't notice, but looks better than the previous shown miniatures with long grass (now looks like the grass is growing just from the earth).

Well, these are the pics from my 2 Chaos Chariots. I hope you have enjoyed them, as much as I (for seeing them finally ready!!! hahaha).

Comments and critics are welcomed, as usual!
See ya soon, expect more minis here in the very near future! =D
(and some other crazy DIY projects!)


  1. Very nice -the flames came out great!

  2. hey, great post. Lots of lovely pictures for me to feast my eyes upon! The chaos chariot is one of my favorite models and you've certainly done a great job on it.

    Thanks for posting

  3. Looking good! I think we may have a preview here of how the next official version may look!

  4. Estan realmente increibles. Buenisimos los detalles. Felicitaciones!

  5. @The LeadHead: thanks! did you refer to the sculpted ones, the painted ones or the paintjob on the sculpted flames? xD Long time without painting plain fire (the one in the armour) but I'm happy that I haven't forgot how to do it properly :)

    @MoaS: Thank you mate, glad you liked it ;D

    @sonoftaurus: Thank you! I really hope the updated Chaos Chariot to look something alike these, not because I love my models, but to match and keep consistency! The only reason why I haven't made a third chariot, with an exalted hero or lord on it, was because I would like to wait for the day GW releases a new chariot, and convert it!

    @Tangata Honu: Agradezco el comentario estimado. Algun detalle en particular que llamo tu atencion?

    @Richard Williams: Thank you, glad you liked them :)
    Hope to see some action on your blog soon! ;D

  6. WOW!!! I like those a lot. The detail. Excellent

  7. Nice work mate - I agree that the flames really make both pieces pop.

    The Chaos chariot is one I haven't tried my hand at yet as I don't like the existing model but this is the second one I have seen converted which I like.

    I feel the inspiration flowing. Thanks for sharing.

  8. @Nesbet again,
    thanks! I need to get a camera first...i really only got the idea to have a blog after reading yours :D

  9. @Paul: Thank you!

    @Rogue Pom: Cool! It makes me proud my chariots are making the inspiration flow!

    @Richard Williams: dude, THAT makes happy. Seriously, it feels so great to read someone else is starting a blog after seeing mine. Good luck, and see ya soon, get a camera! =D

  10. Nesbet -"all of the above" - all the flames look great! The paint job really "pops" on those areas. I need to learn to not be so timid with the colors when I paint flames!

  11. @LeadHead: hahaha, thanks!
    Don't hesitate when painting flames! I use 6 colours for the plain flames and 8 to 10 layers of different tones when painting the sculpted ones! ;D

  12. That's two very nice Chariots!
    Converting, basing and painting are all very well done, you have every reason to be proud! Thanks for sharing

  13. @noeste: Thanks mate! Seriously, I love basing my models!


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