Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SHOWCASE: Chaos Knights

Well, finally, more minis to show!

It was more than enough about tutorials, tips, WIPs and specially, about contests (¬¬U).
Finally some finished miniatures to show! This unit of Chaos Knights was manufactured by a spanish company called Gamezone Miniatures. They were like 100 times better than the old citadel Chaos Knights, and they were released before the new plastic citadel Chaos Knights. That's the mean reason why I spent like 8£ for each, to build a 6-men unit. Yeah pretty expensive, but in those times, they were the latest kick-ass-chaos-knights avaliable. I finished painting them in the summer, like 8 months ago, but it wasn't until last month when I retouched them, painted the bases rims with Graveyard earth and considered them really 100% finished. Enough blah-blah, let's see some pics! Click the pics for the larger versions (as usual!)

Let's begin with the unit shot:
As you can see, this miniatures come with an insane level of detail. They are metallic, an they weren't (and aren't!) comparable with the 5th or 6th Ed. Chaos Knights. And... I converted them. All of them.

I sculpted flames in every weapon they carry, changed the head from the SB and modified the helmets from the 2nd, and 6th knights. The banner? Also converted. The original one was beautiful, but it quite wasn't "enough" for an important standard like the one carried for the "Swords of Chaos". Yeah, Chosen Chaos Knights. Back in the day, that was the idea I had for this unit. I added the horizontal pole, the ropes and severed heads from an orc, dwarf, some humans and elves, among a pair of skulls. I also converted the weapons from the SB and musician. Ah! And I also replaced the shields, for the shield from Archaon.

This is the original unit painted by someone for GZ.
Well, going for some details...
First Chaos Knight. Modified steed pose, sculpted flames and shield swap.

Second Chaos Knight. Modified steed and knight poses and sculpted flames. Shield swap and converted helmet.

Standard Bearer. Changed weapon for a pole arm flaming one (converted, of course), sculpted flames, head swap (I love that Chaos Warrior Head!) and heavily converted standard. Details can be seen here. (fullscreen button and enjoy!)

Chaos Knight Champion. I've shown this before. Anyways, the only thing I've done to this marvelous model is sculpting the flames on the axe. Please look at the original standards-made cloak and the resting sword on the left hand. And the severed head hanging over there. Everything, just straight from the box!
Ah! And also my first attempts at weathering! Not quite good, but when I did that, I don't even had any pigments! (now I have 2, not a great difference! lol)

Chaos Knight Musician. Modified steed and knight poses, sculpted the cloak (it's the only model without a cloak, unbelievable IMHO) and fur and replaced the weapons for modified ones, that were made using Chaos Warriors maces and some spikes. That awesome severed head, it's original from the miniature.

Sixth Chaos Knight. Modified steed and knight poses (to look like jumping), sculpted flames. Shield swap and converted helmet. The idea was to make unnoticeable the fact that this and the second knight were the same miniature. For the second I added a hair knot from the Chaos Warriors box, and for this I used metallic horns from a mtd. Chaos Sorcerer. I also swapped the weapon from one of these, for another from a knight with a coverted weapon and a remaining one. Modifying the pose had helped a bit, hadn't it?

Lastly, please take a look at the bases. Every one connects with the base from both sides. It's like a little diorama. Bloody sudoku? Obviously!

Well, I think there are enough pics now. =)
Please feel free to ask whatever you want about these minis, as usual. Critics and comments would be welcomed.

PS: DAMNIT!! I completely forgot to put the unit on its movement tray! Well, it's not such a big thing, but it looks nice on a modular built tray, with four-sided-Graveyard Earth painted-rims! (Thank you PapaJJ!)


  1. There's a unit to be proud of right there! Thank your for sharing.

    I really need to drum up some enthusiasm for completing the chaos units I have recently got. If you have some time, check out my wolfrik over at http://musingsofasmurf.blogspot.com/2010/12/wolfrik.html and let me know what you think.

    Keep it up

  2. I was looking over the models, which are really well done (I am biased toward Chaos!), but what really struck me about the models was the basing (I am a basing commando) and how realistic you made it look with the various types of flock and the way the rocks look like they have real moss on them. Some people ignore basing or half-ass them, but you have done a really good job of basing these models - and the tranquil nature of the bases is a perfect contrast to the oily metal and brutality of the Chaos Knights.

  3. Thanks for your words Smurf, I gone to the wulfrik post and told you some things ;D I hope that helps!

    OST, the thing is I LOVE basing my models. It's just exciting to finish painting because I know then I must base them! Basing the miniatures is one of the things I enjoy the most when talking about miniatures ;)
    As you noticed, the idea was contrast. I'm basing all my army keeping that in mind. I don't like those chaotic and full-stoned bases. I like to think that my army is coming closer to an emprie province or to a normal battlefield near the woods, far away from the chaos wastes. Conquering for the glory of the Gods, of course!

  4. Wow! That is a LOT of detail on each one!! Be proud of this unit, its Great!

  5. Thanks B.

    My army it's everything but not a horde (when it comes to compare to another same/size army xD). Elite and more elites. And those would be the elite from the elite, the swords of chaos. I try to give all my minis the maximum detail I can, to each, because they are not so many =P
    Skaven, lizardmen, empire, undeads... those are another story!

  6. Amazing unit of knights, wow! I don't remember seeing this line of miniatures before but that's a crazy amount of detail, the champion's cloak really is a nice touch. I like the modifications you've made to them and think you did a great job sculpting the extra cloak. I agree with the remarks above about your excellent basing, the diorama effect is fantastic. Awesome work, Nesbet!! Oh and I'm glad the enclosed movement trays are turning out well, too. Sorry I haven't gotten pictures of my terrain posted yet, I'll get that taken care of soon. Take care!

  7. Awesome knights! I really like how you've captured both a regal and menacing look throughout the unit and you've really kept an exciting color palette going with your flames and scenic bases. Keep up the great work!

  8. Thank you PapaJJ and Daemonetteboobs for your words! ;D


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