Saturday, December 11, 2010


Woa! As you could have already read, I was selected as one of the 3 finalist of the banner competition held at Dark Future Games. We were asked to modify some little things to our entries and the 3 finals banners can be looked out HERE.

My final entry and modified banner is this:

I worked to "pop" the title a little. Corrected the grammar in the description (missing final point) and even a typo from the previous banner (millennium)! For the title, please don't think I reversed the colours! xD
It's a little bigger, thicker and it's not pure white and black (you can copy and paste in paint, zoom it and you'll notice!). The other thing I corrected was the description, no more italic characters. It does pop out more just as it is, and while changing the description back to normal, I made it a little bigger.

The other things I corrected were the exposition, shadows, highlights blah blah blah
As I said to OST, I won't bore you with such technichal-blah blah! But I hope that the pic speaks for itself!

Well, please take a look to the other entries and express your opinion in the comments section!
Thanks in advice for your support!

See ya soon. I have lots of new miniatures to show!


  1. Great entry, man and good work getting folks behind you!

  2. that is one sexy banner Nesbet!! I love the feel of it. Much darker and 40kish than the others. Congrats on making the cut!

  3. Thanks for the comment bard, but I didn't win. Well... that's how it is.

    Thanks to everyone who supported me in the contest.

  4. wow...that surprises me. Sorry Nesbet, I thought you had that one hands down.

  5. Sorry you didn't win, Nesbet. I thought for sure your banner would get picked. When it's time to update the look of my own blog, if it's alright I'm just going to come straight to you for help. Awesome work on your entry for this contest, sorry again it didn't work out for you.

  6. Thank you PapaJJ, I appreciate your words =3


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