Friday, January 8, 2010

Quarter Recurrent Painting Contest!

Abhorash announced on RO that he'll be running quarters recurrent painting contest!
The idea is to paint a group of miniatures every 3 months to get a 10% discount.
The group should be 30 points or more. Miniatures on foot are 1 point each, cavalry 3 points, big ones 5 points and so on.

My chosen for this quarter are:

Chaos Lord on Demonic Steed
Chaos Charriot (x2)
Chaos Warrior (15)

Here's the initial picture of the group:

And here it's a quick WIP of the bases for the warriors: 

See ya!

In order to not being disqualified in March, here's the official initial picture (with the Lord unboxed, for Christ's sake!):

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  1. jajajajaja te aseguraste con la foto...


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