Wednesday, January 6, 2010

SHOWCASE: Dwarf Warriors Unit 1

Here they are! I've finished and delivered these "little tanks" to his owner while ago, but I haven't make the pics, until today. Topo let me their dwarfs I painted so I could make the forgotten "finished" pictures, and also, correct some microscopic mistakes.

This unit is 99% ready. The 1% remaining is the movement tray. The modular movement tray that Topo bought is still travelling home, so I pasted the magnetic sheets on every base and attached the dwarfs to the magnetic sheet that will be in the movement tray. Anyways here are the pics!

C&C are welcomed.
See ya soon!


  1. Estan buenisimos so maskón
    ¿que colores usaste para los rojos?


  2. Te sorprenderás lo fácil que es pintar esos rojos.
    Chaos Black
    Chaos Black + Mechrite Red
    Mechrite Red
    Devlan Mud x 2

    voilá! xD

  3. gracias viejo, simple y efectivo... y por supuesto no hay que olvidar la mano del pintor.


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