Wednesday, December 23, 2015

RANDOM MUSINGS: Time to resurrect

Hello again! It's been a while!
Well, another time, a loooong while. This is another attempt to update my blog, to honour all of the followers that one day decided to follow it.

I think it's time to update my profile too! Nowadays I'm more a model-gluer/player than a painter (sadly), a full-time dentist, father of a 7yo lovely son, missing WHFB (f*ck you AoS!), who still likes Chaos Warriors & stuff and also Robotech RPG Tactics, who will "try" to post here more often!

Yup. With the death of WHFB I'm still crying. Almost for a half year at the moment. But, they say one death's another birth. So I started playing Robotech RPG Tactics! (and I'm still waiting for the full development of 9th Age, Warhammer Reforged or another good WHFB alternative).

I left quite a bunch of unfinished WHFB projects uncompleted and changed the focus on these beauties:

At the moment, that's more or less where I am with RTRT. I have assembled some more miniatures and primed almost every assembled model.

Zentraedi Telnesta-Regult, one of my options for support artillery pods.

Zentraedi Gluuhaug Regult, the light artillery pods.

Size comparison between a Regult and a VF-1A Valkyrie from the UEDF army.

And my take of the Zentraedi Glaug, crushing a Valkyrie.

These UEDF mechas are not mine, but from some friends who also started playing RTRT this year.
A Valkyrie in battleloid mode and 2 Spartans. 

3 Valkyiries in fighter mode and one in guardian mode. Notice the semi-translucent flying stands. 
I tried to clone the original flying stands for a friend, who wanted his minis to be higher (because the stands that come with UEDF models are too short).

Then I came with this alternative for flying stands. 100% translucent, courtesy of Plastruct!

Bless you Plastruct. They have these rods even in different diameters.

I even managed to get some scenery done for my wargames 

This pylon was manufactured by 4Ground Scenery. Such a good product. I'll try do do a proper review later. 

 These hills are from Amera Plastic Mouldings. Also great products and a good value for the money.


And this year I hardly managed to play RTRT several times, but so many as I would like to :(

And finally, to end this resurrection post, let me show my colour scheme for my Zentraedi army:

...and some pics of my friends UEDF mechas:

I hope to be writing soon!

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