Saturday, June 12, 2010

SHOWCASE: Ogres conversions!

Wow, an update!!
And what an update!

The following pictures are really nice ogres conversion-work. They were made by Tobias Tebring, a zone representative of GW Spain. He was kind enough to send me more pics of his ogres, wich were made with the new minotaurs sprues, ogre bulls and ogre ironguts.

Pretty cool, aren't they?
After looking at those bad-ass conversions, I'm seriously thinking doing something alike for my chaos ogres.
I'll buy a minotaurs box, one ironguts box and 3 minotaurs torsos in Hoard o' Bits. Filling the fur and maybe adding some GS in between the muscles of the bodies, to make them look a little less muscular xD
I'm thinking about sculpting trousers, some chainmail, armour plates, swapping the gut-plates for chaos marauder horsemen shields, using the ogre bulls weapons, ogre ironguts 2HW and minotaurs weapons too, and then they should look more than OK, you think?

Thanks again Tobias, for the pics and all the explanations.

See ya!

PS: Tobias, I'll be looking for your new blog!!


  1. Those look great, good idea to combine them. I was thinking of using a mino as the leader of my chaos ogryn, but there's some extra potential there too.

  2. Hm, they might also make some nice Gorgers...
    *goes off to get some minos*


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