Friday, November 13, 2009

Welcome to my Blog!

Well, how to start...
I've started with WHFB around 3 years ago, maybe 4, I don´t remeber it so clearly. Anyways, I've started last year, reading lots of WH-related blogs and thought I would like to have one to.
Time passed and I'd never enough time to start blogging.
Then, yesterday, a friend, online-store and forum owner and old hobbyst/gamer asked me if I would like to have a blog, attached to their website ( like him. I said I would, but then I couldn't afford to manage the WordPress blog format. Much more complicated for someone who hasn't ever had a blog before, lol.

So, here I am, starting a blog about Warhammer and things related.
I'll use it primary as showcase for my chaos army, but sadly, I'm a very slow painter. It's clear I'll post other thing too, because of the lack of info about my army!

Well... lets get started!
This one is a Tzeentch Lord on Disc I've painted almost 1-2 years ago.
Those days I had less than a third of the colours I own now, and less than a half of the practice I have nowadays. Also, the photos are crap, sorry. Maybe when I have re-painted it, I'll try to make better pictures, but now, that's it:

As I said, sorry for the crappy pics. I promise I'll learn how to take better ones!

See ya! (I hope, soon!)


  1. Tan maskón como simpre, sólo que ahora es bilingüe

  2. ¬¬*

    Auch auf Deutsch kann ich sagen, dass du so maskon bist.

    At least you could have logged in to comment, uh? You lazy maskon!

    Ni siquiera por que te linkeo fuiste capaz de hacerlo!! jajaja

  3. :) Love the fire, dude! Great sense of motion!


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